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Hi Sangyong,
Welcome to Google on your new Windows.
Next, take these 2 steps to confirm your Google Account settings.
Step 1: Privacy Checkup
Confirm key settings and the data Google uses to personalize your experience
Step 2: Security Checkup
Confirm what devices may have access to your Google Account and more
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This informational email was sent to [email protected] because you recently signed into your Google Account on your Windows. If you do not wish to receive emails to help you set up your new device with Google when you sign into your account on the device for the first time, please unsubscribe.
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Security alert

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New device signed in to
[email protected]
Your Google Account was just signed in to from a new Windows device. You're getting this email to make sure it was you.
You can also see security activity at
You received this email to let you know about important changes to your Google Account and services.